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Meraki Licensing

I have received a notification from Cisco Meraki that my Meraki licenses are about to expire and that my network will cease to function if licenses for my hardware are not renewed. Can Cohort help me with my renewal and what should I do?
Yes. Cohort can facilitate your Meraki license renewal for you quickly and at the very best price. If you know exactly what hardware you need to license and are familiar with the renewal process you may order the required licenses from this web site. If you are not sure what hardware you need to license and want help with the renewal process please visit our Meraki License Renewal Request page for simple to follow instructions how to request pricing for the licenses you require and start the renewal process ensuring your renewal request is processed quickly and is 100% accurate.

If I purchase Cisco Meraki hardware do I also need to purchase licenses for the respective hardware?
Yes. All Cisco Meraki hardware requires a valid license for the respective hardware in order for it to function and qualify for support.

What are my licensing options?
MX Security Appliance license options come in two varieties, the MX Enterprise License and the MX Advanced Security License. Licenses for the MS, MR and MV hardware are; the MS Enterprise License, MR Enterprise License and the MV Enterprise License respectively.

What is the difference between the MX Enterprise License and the MX Advanced Security License?
The MX Advanced Security License includes all the same features as the MX Enterprise Licence but adds additional advanced security features such as intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, Youtube for Schools and web search filtering.

Can an organization have different MX security appliances in their organizations network(s) licensed differently?
No. Each organization is required to use either the MX Enterprise License OR the MX Advanced Security License uniformly. For example, you can have all 25 appliances using the MX Enterprise License OR the MX Advanced Security License, organizations cannot have 20 appliances using one edition and 5 using the other. 

Does Charter recommend the Cisco Meraki MX Advances Security License over the MX Enterprise License?
Yes! With attacks on computing environments in their various forms becoming more and more complex it is critical that your network's security appliance  provide advanced security features such as intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, Youtube for Schools and web search filtering. It is for this reason Cohort recommends to its customers they purchase the MX Advanced Security Licence or the MX Secure SD-WAN Plus License and not the MX Enterprise Licence unless you have other threat detection and prevention solutions in place.

How long are Cisco Meraki MX, MS, MR, MV, MG and MT licenses valid for?
All Cisco Meraki license options are available in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year options.

Do the 3, 5, 7 and 10 year license options offer savings over the 1 year option?
Yes, the longer term options provide savings over the shorter term options with the 5 year term being the most popular option.

How is Cisco Meraki licensing applied?
Cisco Meraki licensing is applied on an organization-wide basis. What this means is that a licence isn't purchased for a specific device, rather each licence added to the organization increases the number of a specific device type that can be added to the organization.

The number of devices in an organization can not exceed the licence limitations, if this occurs the organization will enter a 30 day grace period during which the organization must be brought back in compliance. Should the organization not be brought back into Compliance it will be shut down until proper licensing is applied to the Organization. Note: During the grace period clients will notice no difference.

I have added new hardware with different term licenses to my organization. How will my licenses terminate (expire)?
Cisco Meraki licensing is co-terminating. This means the end dates for all licensing is averaged together based on device type and licensing limits. Suppose an organization had 2 separate Enterprise AP licences, one licence is for 2 APs spanning 1-year (365 days) and another for 1 AP spanning 5-years (1825 days). The co-termination value would be calculated as ((1825*1)+(365*2))/3= 851 days per AP. This allows an organization to add more devices and licenses over time without having to worry about a myriad of license expiration dates. 

Note: The organization co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit. Removing devices from a network or organization will not impact the co-termination date.

To calculate how licenses impact each other in an organization you may use the License Calculator.

I have received a notification from Cisco Meraki stating I need to renew my licenses for my hardware in my organization. How do I determine what licenses I require?
To determine what your license renewal requirements are cohort recommends you complete the following steps:

  1. Login to your Meraki Dashboard
  2. Go to Organization / Licensing Info.
  3. Under the License information heading you will see a listing of all the hardware/services requiring licensing.
  4. Purchase the licences in the quantities indicated from COHORT.CA in Canada making sure not to miss a licence or getting a required quantity incorrect. Not licensing a particular piece of hardware will make its licence invalid and therefore cease to function until the license shortfall/deficiency is rectified.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When renewing a license, or upgrading from Enterprise to an Advanced Security License on an MX, you must purchase a license for ALL individual devices resident under the organization at the same time. For example, If you had an MX64 Enterprise license and an AP License in the Dashboard, and you wanted to upgrade to the Advanced Security License on the MX64, you would need to purchase the MX64 Advanced Security License AND renew the AP license at the same time.