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Products & Pricing

How do you  calculate pricing?
Charter's pricing for Cisco Meraki hardware is updated regularly and priced in Canadian (CAD) funds. 

Will Charter match a competitor's Cisco Meraki prices?
Yes, Charter  will attempt to match our competitors pricing. IMPORTANT NOTE: In instances where you have requested pricing from another Cisco Meraki partner/reseller said partner may have "registered your opportunity/deal" with Cisco Meraki, locking best available pricing from Cisco Meraki with that reseller making it difficult if not impossible for Cohort to match said pricing.

How may I ensure I am getting the best pricing available from Charter and Cisco Meraki?
If you have a qualifying order totalling over $5,000 please contact us BEFORE you contact another Cisco Meraki reseller to ensure we can offer you the best directly negotiated pricing from Cisco Meraki. Because Cisco Meraki is a sales channel based manufacturer we work closely with the Cisco Meraki Sales team to get our customers the best pricing possible. Please Contact Us OR select "Quote Only" as your payment method during checkout to request a customised no obligation quote for the hardware, accessories and/or licenses in your shopping cart.

How long do Charter's quotes for Cisco Meraki hardware and licensing remain valid?
In instances where we provide you with a quote for Cisco Meraki hardware and licenses the quote will remain valid for thirty (30) days.

Do you keep an inventory of Cisco Meraki hardware, licenses and accessories in stock?
No, in-fact there are NO Cisco Meraki Authorized Reseller or Distributors that keep an inventory of Meraki hardware or licences in stock. Because of the way Meraki hardware is licensed ALL Meraki hardware, license and accessory orders are placed via the reseller (Charter) and then processed and shipped  by/from Cisco Meraki's fulfillment centre in California directly to you the customer (end-user).

Some items on your on-line store show EOS dates, what does this mean?
Store items that have EOS dates mean that the Cisco Meraki hardware has reached end of sale (EOS). This means that the hardware, license and/or accessory is no longer available but licenses for that hardware are still available but only until the hardware reaches its end of sale (EOS) and/or end of support (EOST) date.

Where can I get a full list of Cisco Meraki products that have reached end of sale (EOS) and end of support (EOST)?
Cisco Meraki end of sale (EOS) and end of support (EOST) are available from the Cisco Meraki Policies page. You may also determine if a product has reached EOS or EOST by clicking on the "Other Details" section on the respective product's page.